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Just 1% ↑ soil carbon storage would neutralize Australia's CO2 emissions! You can have your cake and eat it too

What is this Australian Soil Management you speak of?

Australian Soil Management (ASM) is an innovative and dynamic company that assists Land Managers in building better quality soils through the scientific management of soil organic matter and soil organic carbon. ASM provides tailor-made soil management strategies.

Soil with more Organic Matter is more productive, more profitable and more sustainable. The benefits are savings on fertilizers, pesticides and water. You spend less to make more and your profits increase.

What we will do for your land

Free carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air is an opportunity to improve soils for Land Managers. The more CO2 captured as soil organic matter and carbon in soils the better the results from your enterprise.

ASM will assess your Soil Organic Matter “bank account” and your soil quality. We will identify the best ways to increase Soil Organic Matter, maximize profits and reduce costs.

ASM plans a gradual process of change, without restricting your current land usage, to the point where you do not need expensive fertilizers and pesticides. You will use a lot less water for the same or better result than you have now.

Other Land Managers have already been on this journey. They are the pioneers and also the living proof that managing Soil Organic Matter actually delivers. Case Studies show how this can be done.

How long will it take?

After the assessment of your land’s potential, and the implementation of the Soil Management Strategy, you will slowly start to see the benefits as Soil Organic Matter levels increase. It may take you months or years to get there. For example, if you buy in tonnes of compost, manure or other organic fertilizer you can build up your Soil Organic Matter “bank account” very quickly. However, depending on the land under management and if you have lots of land to manage, it may be cheaper to gradually change your management practices to reach the same goal. It will take longer but will probably be cheaper in the end.

Who we help


Your profits are our priority. Business success for farmers is largely determined by climate, soil quality and their management skills. Farmers cannot change their climate but there is plenty of scope to improve their soil quality and their management strategies. This is where ASM can help. We offer a one-stop-shop for soil management and business management skills.


State and Local Governments

Increasing soil quality in roadsides, streetscapes, parks and gardens is “the right thing to do” for state and local governments. ASM will help you capture and store carbon and use less water. And there is a bonus. Reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides saves money and is good for the environment.

Golf and Sports Clubs

Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs and their members like to see healthy green turf on their fairways, greens and playing fields. Keeping turf grasses in top condition requires plenty of water. ASM will increase soil organic matter and carbon to reduce your water needs and at the same time save money on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. You will have a healthier and more pleasant environment for members.

Golf and Sports Clubs


ASM designs and delivers programs and projects for schools that put the words “carbon capture” into action. Students can take action and responsibility. They can actually measure how much CO2 they have captured and see the difference in their school grounds, sports fields, or vegetable patch. Students will learn how to measure and reduce a carbon footprint and how to use biotechnology and soil microbes to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Press Release 2013
  • Less soil erosion and leaching of nutrients into waterways
  • Improved soil structure to allow air into the soil profile so roots can breath = equals more productivity & carbon capture
  • Reduced production costs from less need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • A large reduction in the carbon footprint of the land management enterprise
  • Increased storage of soil moisture to reduce the impacts of drought

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